How To Make Paneer At Home: The Magical Process of Cheese Making

Paneer is a non-melting cheese made from cows milk. It is used in Indian cooking as a protein, similar to how you would use tofu, but way better tasting. It can also be used in sweet dishes like Rasmalai l. It is very simple to make at home and tastes alot better then the packaged kind at the store. Honestly the measurements dont really matter, it all depends on how much you want to make. Its really a fun and almost magical process, making cheese at home. I was jumping for joy when I saw the curds separate for the first time!  Enjoy



1. Whole Milk: Around a half gallon, you can use more or less depending on how much cheese you want

2. 1/4 cup of Vinegar, others use lemon juice but I find it to be slower to separate the curds.



the magic of separation!

1. In a large heavy bottom Pot heat the milk slowly. You dont want to boil or burn the milk, so make sure to stir it. You want to see the milk fat start to come to the surface a bit. Right when its about to boil turn it off and take it off the heat. Pour in the vinegar and stir it with a wooden spoon. If you dont see the curds separating you can add more vinegar. You will know it is working when you see a greenish tint and see solids develop.

2. Take a cheese cloth or thin cloth kitchen towel and drape it over a colander in the sink. Carefully pour the milk into the cloth so that the watery whey goes through leaving the curds behind in the cloth. Pour cold water over the curds to cool it down and rinse the vinegar taste out.

3. Wrap the cloth around itself, with the curds inside, in order to squeeze the moisture out. The more you squeeze, the firmer the resulting paneer shall be.

4. You can stop at step 3, but if you want firm paneer then continue on.  Place a paper towel on a plate. Place the bundle of curds in the cloth on top of the paper towel. In the cloth arrange the curds in the shape and desired thickness you want, usually about an inch or so. Place a pot weighted down with water or an other heavy object. Let it sit for an hour or so on the cheese. Take off the pot and unwrap the panner. You will find a beautiful delicious round of homemade paneer, ready for any of your dishes.



squeezing time

finished product





9 thoughts on “How To Make Paneer At Home: The Magical Process of Cheese Making

      • I love anything with paneer esp mirich paneer and palak paneer.
        I have been actually trying to look for an easy way to make my own yogurt – are you expert at that by any chance?

      • My Desi Man was telling me how much better yogurt always was when his mum made it. I have read a few recipes on doing it, but some had feedback that wasn’t great. There is one I have so far marked with interest, but I will definitely check yours out tomorrow. The thing I’m realising I’m going to have to work out though, is a way to keep it at a consistent tempereature for so many hours – one suggestion I read was an electric blanket or electric rug, which I don’t have! I’m still very much the western girl in terms of the appliances in my kitchen, so I might have some limitations there lol – only difference to what I used to have is now there is a roti pan, a different rolling pin, a big pot for curry, and a pressure cooker (this western girl already had a rice cooker 🙂 )
        Hopefully yours will work for me though!

  1. Well you’ll find this a little funny…..
    So I made my Desi Man stop at the shops for me on our way home from somewhere.
    As we were unpacking full cream milk (we normally get low fat much to his disappointment), vinegar, white bread, and a few other incidentals – he acclaims “oh full cream milk” “oh white bread” ever so excitedly – and asked what they are for.
    “Not for you” I said. “Its for me to make something”.
    I turn my back for 2 minutes while he makes cha – guess what? He has used some of it in the cha!!!
    He claims he only used one cup. Huh. And one cup light….
    Anyway, he finally figured out what I was up to. He used to make paneer himself when he came to Australia. So he was over my shoulder the whole time. Only difference we did was we tied the paneer tightly in the thin cloth we used to keep the shape – sort of squished it into shape in there if you know what I mean. Its turned out pretty dense from what I can tell. We are going to use it tomorrow – so lets see! I think it might have made slightly less than what we buy – bit I can probably blame his cheeky cha on that!

    • Oh not only did I do this and yogurt yeaterday, I also made mint chutney as per mumji’s instructions. LOL! Then Thai Green Curry so to be a little different. Busy!

      • If you ever find your way over to Australia – please head over for sure, gimme a yell.
        Speaking of which are you on Facebook and how do I find you? Lol. I would PM mine to you but I don’t know how? Plus I’m trying to stay overal annonymous to my real identity lol.

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