Our Memorial Day Weekend

Nasreen ready for the pool

Daddy and Nasreen

Mexican style corn on the cob, yum yum yum

Banana split pie 🙂

Summer has officially began at the Rallhan’s.  The Apartment pool opened on memorial day, so that means fun in the sun and swimming in the pool. We all went for a wonderful swim Sunday, it was nice to get my husband in the pool, it can be hard at times to get him to have fun.  After the refreshing swim we came home and made summer foods. We had Barbecue chicken that had been marinating for three days. My husband does not usually like barbecue sauce but he actually liked this one. We also made Mexican style corn on the cob like the kind you get from the carts in Los Angles  ( chili, mayo, cojita cheese and lemon), coleslaw  ( my hubs favorite) and banana split pie. In general we had a wonderful weekend. Today its pouring and thunderstorms. Oh the Beauty of Michigan summers, one minute hot and humid the next pouring and thunder. I actually like the turbulent weather, not the snow though. I have always been a weather nerd so Michigan keeps things interesting.


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