Ice Cube Tray Chocolate Covered Strawberries


My husband loves chocolate! When he eats a piece of chocolate, it is as if he is savoring every bite of it. He also loves strawberries! So the logical answer is to make chocolate covered strawberries.  I personally hate dipping strawberries in chocolate, they never come out perfect. I also really don’t like the chocolate to strawberry ratio on traditional dipped strawberries. Its like the chocolate disappears and I am left with only strawberry.They are also messy and the chocolate often cracks off when you take a bite. So for Father’s Day I decided to make some chocolate covered Strawberries in a truffle form using a normal ice cube tray. The chocolates came out delicious! So rich with the strawberry in the middle and infusing the chocolate with the flavor.  The nuts added great taste and depth to the chocolate as well. This is one of my favorite homemade chocolates I have ever made, and the best thing they are soooooo easy and don’t require any special tools!


1 bag of chocolate chips

6-8 strawberries

chopped nuts


Step 1: Spray the ice cube tray with non stick cooking spray. Place a layer of nuts at the bottom.



Step 2: Place a piece of strawberry in the center of each section.


Step 3: Melt chocolate in double broiler.


Step 4: Use a spoon, pour melted chocolate over the nuts and strawberries.


Step 5: Sprinkle chopped nuts on top of the melted chocolates.


Step 6: Freeze the chocolate for about 20 minutes or until hardened. Bend and twist the ice-cube tray upside down like you would with ice cubes and the chocolate will pop out. Enjoy!





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