Why I Love Being Married to an Indian #1: The Holidays

I am going to start a series on this blog called why I love being married to an Indian. In these articles I am going to explain some of the many reasons why I love my mufti-cultural relationship.

Indian Independence Day!

Since today is my Indian wedding anniversary; yes we have two wedding anniversaries, one for our Christian wedding and one for our Indian Sikh wedding.  I wanted to write about how much I love the fact that we get to celebrate double the holidays in our family. Two Anniversaries plus all the holidays that come with being Christian, American, Indian, and Sikh.  We honestly don’t go more than a few weeks between holidays. My husband’s birthday is in April, my daughter’s is in December, and mine in August. Our birthdays are all four months apart and we are all fire signs. We celebrate Christmas, Holi, Easter, Diwali, Halloween, Mothers and Father’s Day, both independence days for USA and India. We celebrate Rakhi and Valentine’s Day. I love holidays!

The reality is I need holidays! I need a reason to celebrate! Life is hard. From the moment we got married we have been going nonstop. It’s been four years and we have not had a proper vacation. We didn’t have a honeymoon after our wedding and we had our daughter right away. We lost my Father-in-law two years ago, and since then we have been coping with this loss and the additional stress of taking care of the family in India. We have moved across country from California to Michigan for a job. We have no family in the area. I love my life, but it’s not easy.

Rakhi, Indian Holiday


Holidays provide me with inspiration. They give me a reason to smile, to decorate, to make yummy foods, to sing songs, to say I love you, to be romantic, to thank those around me! Holidays are my vacations from worries. These Holidays fill me with joy! I am thankful that I married someone with such a different culture than me. I get the joy of having more reasons to celebrate! Our daughter gets to experience the joy of living with two rich cultures and all the joy that comes with them.

So out of all the reasons I love being married to an Indian, this is number 1! It may sound silly but to me, holidays are quite important.

American Independence day!

Nasreen’s 3rd Birthday, ( I made the cake 🙂 )




12 thoughts on “Why I Love Being Married to an Indian #1: The Holidays

  1. Awwww our anniversary was on the 23rd of June! So close. ‘June bride is a bride her whole life and the groom who marries in June has a sweetheart for a while’ or something like that!

    I love the holidays too!! There is always something going on! ‘Holidays are my vacations from worries.’, love this!!

    Congrats on your anniversary and congrats on making that amamamamazing cake!!!

    Lots of love xxx

  2. Holidays are really important! They keeps us sane! And, although I’m not married to a Nepali, I do get to double-dip with bothe American and Nepali holidays. A perk of the job ;o) Cute pictures of your daughter. I love the haloween cat outfit!

  3. Can’t stress enough how much I am looking forward to your posts and seeing you little girl always makes me smile! 🙂 Congrats on the wedding anniversary x M

  4. I totally agree – the best part of celebrating two cultures is all the holidays! I love an excuse to celebrate and be with family and be grateful.

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