4th of July Weekend At Our House

I always have the best intention of writing during the weekends, but I never get it done. Weekends our my dedicated family time. I rarely turn on the computer on those days. I may give facebook a passing glance on the phone, but my husband and I both tend to unplug for a couple of days a week and spend dedicated time with each other. I really enjoy that time with my husband and daughter. 

This last Friday was American Independence Day, 4th of July. I think its funny that both my husband and I come from countries that were once ruled by England. We had attended a large fireworks show a couple of days before the 4th. On the actual holiday we enjoyed some good food and personal fireworks at our place.

We dont have meat very often in our house. We only eat organic free farmed chicken and that comes at a high cost, so we only have meat on special occasions. I made teriyaki chicken kebabs with bell peppers, mushrooms, and onions. We had Saffron rice and Mexican style corn on the cob. This style of corn on the cob is made with mayo, lemon, cojita cheese, and chili powder. They are messy but quite tasty! It was a delicious and festive meal! 

After dark we went out and played with our fireworks. I am from California and in most places fireworks are illegal because it is so dry there. In Michigan most fireworks are legal because there is so much moisture here and never goes more than a week between rains. It was alot of fun and felt really festive and it was great to watch everyone in the neighborhood shooting up fireworks into the sky. My daughter really enjoyed the fireworks and called them surprises! She would squeal with delight at every firework! 

This weekend we made a real effort to be active and healthy. I am trying to loose some weight and become healthier. This weekend we decided to go for long walks in the area, went swimming, and berry picking! We found this wonderful patch of wild mulberries. It was so much fun picking these berries. Mulberries look similar to blackberries but no thorns. They are quite tasty!  

It was a wonderful weekend with my family. I am so glad that we take the time to unplug from the internet and have some memorable times together. I find it amazing that after more than four years of marriage my husband and I can still walk together for hours and never run out of things to talk about.

I don’t remember the days of my childhood where I sat in front of the TV. I remember the days when our family went outside and enjoyed life! I want my daughter to have those same types of memories! 



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