Selling Our Things

As we get ready to move across country we are selling our furniture and larger items on craigslist online. Its really an interesting and sometimes frustrating experience trying to sell your things at a fair price. So far we have sold a TV, Couch, and backpacking backpack. They were all sold at a fair price. We still have a dining table, bed, and my toddlers bed set to sell and time is running out. Honestly I don’t mind selling things at a discount but it has to be a fair price to us as well as the buyer.

When we first moved here my husband made a solid wooden farm table and benches. We had looked for a table at the store, but all of them looked cheaply made and we wanted something solid and strong. At the time we thought we would spend several years in Michigan.

My husband, an engineer, loves to work with his hands. He built the table in the apartment with limited tools, and it came out beautiful. I stained it myself and I was proud of our work together. I wish that we could bring it with us to California because, I love it so much and we have such great memories!

People who have seen the table love it, but everyone who has made an offer, low ball us greatly. Its sad because my husband spent hours making this table and the thought of selling it at a loss is sad. Untitled


For example I was communicating with a person on email about the table. We are selling it for 200 dollars which is really cheap for a hand made solid table. The man instantly went down to 50 bucks. I was shocked and insulted! I did not even tell my husband this offer, I know that it would make him doubt his abilities. We have one week left so I am hoping to find that perfect buyer otherwise it might end up by the garbage.

One week left before the move and we are both excited and nervous. So much to do and clean and pack. Wish me luck!  


7 thoughts on “Selling Our Things

  1. Lovely table! He is a great carpenter!
    Ya I totally think that’s the hardest part of moving…there are so many jerks on craigslist who want stuff for free!

  2. Moving and selling your furniture is always soo hard :/
    I looove the table and the benches! I would totally buy it if I lived in the US! 😀
    Did you find someone who wants it yet?

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