Our Road Trip Itinerary to California

mapFor those that are interested here is my trip back to California itinerary! We are leaving Michigan on July 31 and we are traveling to Toronto Canada to visit some friends before we head back to the west coast. We will stay there for a couple of days and enjoy Toronto. I am excited to be there for my Birthday. After our little trip to Canada we start are official move back to California. 

August 4th: Day 1: Toronto to Omaha Nebraska (15 hours). Start at 6 am and end at 8pm ( we gained one hour crossing time zones)

August 5th:  Day 2: Omaha to Elko Nevada (16 hours). Start at 6 am end at 9. ( gain one hour from crossing time zone). 

August 6th: Day 3. Elko to Sacramento ( 6 hours). Start at 6 am get in at 12pm

We are going to stop by our good friends house in Sacramento for a couple of days and than we will finish the 2 hour trip back to Sonoma county my home town.

We will cross 10 states, Michigan, Ontario, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska,Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, and finally California . 2 countries USA and Canada. Four time zones! In all we will travel 4100 Km (2547 miles), 37 hours of combined driving! 

Its a long trip, but an exciting one! 





7 thoughts on “Our Road Trip Itinerary to California

  1. Whoa! Good luck on the move. If you can give yours elf time I recommend eating drive through at a park in decent neighborhoods. Travellers with kids can be tough but still enjoyable. Take care.

  2. So exciting! We did a road trip from Savannah Ga to San Francisco with my husband and my dad, and it was just the best trip ever! Unforgettable. Can’t wait to do one with Maya 🙂
    Take lots of pics!

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