Our Adventure Part 1 : Michigan to Canada

Welcome to Canada!

It has been weeks since I have been able to write about my adventure from Michigan to Toronto to California, and sadly I don’t have much time to do it now either. I will write Part 1 of our adventure!

GC and Canada money!!

 So our adventure started on the 31st of July. We finished cleaning our apartment. We sold all the large items, Bed, couch, dinning table, and our daughter’s bedroom set. It was alot of work but gave us much needed cash. We pack up everything else we owned in our Honda Accord. We said a final happy goodbye Michigan and headed to the Canada Border to visit some friends before we left the East coast.

When we got to the border of Canada they asked us some simple questions. These questions would be easy for most people but for our situation they were a bit complicated. For example the border patrol asked, Where do you live? Well the reality was no where. We had just moved and everything we owned was in the car :). We looked very suspicious and my husband tends to act very nervous under pressure. For example the officer asked what the name of his friend we were coming to see,  and he just gave the first name and the officer had to press for more. They asked us so many questions, and after a lot of explaining they finally let us into Canada! We visited my husbands good friend that he knew since his college days in India. He is married to a wonderful charming woman. We had alot of fun with the couple.

Wow, its so big!

Niagra Was just so stunning!

Best Birthday ever!

My Birthday was on the 2nd of August and they all surprised me with a cake at midnight! It was so sweet and fun of them. That day we all went to Niagara Falls! I had always wanted to visit this landmark especially before we left this region of the USA. 

We arrived in the afternoon and just soaked in the amazing site of the huge unending falls in front of us. Our Daughter Nasreen was so excited and could not stop saying “WOW its so Big”!

See that red boat going so near the falls, we did the same boat ride! It was intense!!

We decided to take the Horn Blower a ship that take you right up to the falls. We put on our plastic slickers, I water-proofed my camera and we boarded the ship. It was the first time my husband and daughter had ever been on a boat! It was really amazing to see the falls so close up. My daughter loves to be splashed in the face with water so our adventure on the boat and all that water coming at us was so exciting for her. She screamed and screamed in joy and was the loudest person on the boat. People looked in concern and realized that she was having a blast and smiled and laughed too. I honestly had never seen her this happy. At some points the ride was so intense, you have to hold on the to plastic coats so they did not get blown away!  

The night life of Niagra

After our boat ride we went for dinner. The Canada side of Niagra falls is quite developed. It reminds me of a mini Vegas. There are a few casinos, lots of hotels, restaurants, a ripleys musium and all types of night life. I was fun to see everyone having such a good time. 

After Dinner we wandered back down to the falls, and I was amazed!! At night the falls are lit up with large colored spot lights. It was really quite stunning. It made for some awesome photos! I soaked it all in and was sad when we finally had to leave. Niagra really is a fun and beautiful place. 

The falls lit up at night

We were exhausted when we finally got back to your friend’s place that night! It was one of the best birthdays of my life!

Nasreen loving the excitement of the city!

making the golgappas


The next Day we went to Downtown Toronto which reminded me of a smaller version of New York City and was quite nice! I was most impressed with the Gerrard India Bazaar, which is like little India. Its a street filled with Indian clothing and Indian jewelry stores and lots of authentic Indian Street foods. I was most excited for the golgappas! Which are Indian snacks you eat right away that are made in a crispy shell with garbanzo beans and sour salty water. They are delicious! They are made in front of you and you stand there and eat them, so its a social experience too. It made me feel like I was in India again. 

I really want to thank our friends for showing us such an amazing time! My husband and daughter for making it so special. It was a beautiful wonderful start to our journey back to California and an awesome start to my 27th year of life!