Look who got her ears pierced :)

From the moment I knew we were having a girl I imagined all the girly things we would do together. I always thought the baby girls looked so sweet with earrings. Its a common practice in India to pierce a girls ears as a baby. We both thought we would have them done within the first few months. When Nasreen was born and had to get the painful vaccinations, and we saw her pain on her face, my husband and I decided that she must be able to ask for the earrings. That we would not put her through the pain unless she was able to say she wanted them. 

Marking the ears for the wholes

From an early age she loved looping my dangle earrings around the top of her ears. She would say “oh I am so fancy!” I took this as a sign that she was interested but did not push the matter, and then she met my friend’s baby girl who’s ears were pierced, Nasreen started begging for them! We let the idea of it sit for a bit and decided to do it when we moved back to California if she was still interest. She never let up, she wanted them pierced. We told her the truth that it would hurt at first and she said that was OK.

Hello Kitty Earrings

Outside of the store after getting it done!

So we moved back to California and yesterday we happened to drive next to the ear piercing store so we made the leap.
We went into the store and Nasreen picked out a beautiful set of hello kitty studs. My husband and I were obviously feeling anxious,  but Nasreen was excited. The ladies at the store were wonderful and made Nasreen feel so comfortable! She brought her jasmine doll and they had another toy for her to hold as well. She sat on a tall chair as they swooned over her. She loved the attention. The two ladies, one on each side, pierced her ears at the same time! Her expressive eyebrows and face went from excitement to shock. No tears just a look that said “what the heck just happened!”. As soon as she was shown the mirror her joy returned! She loved the earnings. She came home and showed everyone, Grandma, Great Grandma, Grandpa and even the dog Bailey. She kept fluttering her eyes and saying look I have earrings !

I am glad we waited for her to decide. She is an opinionated three year old that knows what she wants and I always want her to feel empowered to make important decisions! I will always remember the day she got her ears pierced and the experience we all shared. 


13 thoughts on “Look who got her ears pierced :)

  1. Oh how wonderful!! It looks gorgeous just like Nasreen. I still haven’t got my 3yr olds ears pierced due to allergy and pain factor but now I feel it won’t be so bad after all. I didn’t know they did both ears same time that makes it a lot easier and quicker! Thx for sharing this special event in your post.😊

  2. Awwwww so sweet. I have been delaying getting my daughter’s done because I don’t want to deal with a crying fit! But she is really interested in mine and I know one day she will ask me, and then I will take her 🙂

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