The Moment I Knew I Was Excepted by my Inlaws in India

When my husband and I started dating in college it was all about him and I. We were in love and didnt worry about a thing. As we got serious we started to plan our futures. I knew that his family was in india and that they lived by completly different customs than my own. I knew that his sister had an arranged marriage. I wondered how they felt about our “Love Marriage” I talked to his mom and dad and two sisters on skype and on the phone. They were very nice and seemed to except me but I was nervous if they really did except me whole heartedly or were they simply just being nice.

We were married in May, and none of his family were able to come to the wedding. I was so nervous of how I would fit into his family and culture. I had this unfounded and senseless worry that they didnt want me for their son because I was not Indian.

My birthday was in August and on the morning of my birthday I received an email from my sister in law and in it was a video. I opened it nervously and in the video was my inlaws all singing happy birthday to me. They bought a Birthday Cake with my name on it and candles and everything! They had a feast back in india for me and it made me feel so loved that I actually cried when I saw it. It was at that moment I knew I was truly excepted into the family. I had no doubts left inside of me. I felt so loved and honored. They treated and loved me like my own mom and brothers and sisters did.

I am blessed with a wonderful,beautiful and excepting American and Indian family. Who love and except us completely.My first birthday as a married women will always be one of my most favorite memories.


7 thoughts on “The Moment I Knew I Was Excepted by my Inlaws in India

  1. This was a beautiful piece and I hate to be the bearer of typos…but I think you want to say “accepted, accept” not “expected, expect”

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