Preparing to Start Preschool


My baby girl is set to start preschool on Thursday.  She has been begging to go to school for a year now and finally she is getting her wish. My big almost 4 year old (turning 4 in December) is starting her educational journey.  She has her first day of school clothes bought and ready and today we went and picked out a lunch bag and thermos. She picked a princess one, my girly girl. I am very excited for her this thursday. I am taking the day off of work so that I can be there to drop and pick her up. I want to hear all about it. Though I work full time my mom watches her and preschool really starts the time of outside influence on my precious child. Lord protect my baby and guide her when she is away from the protection of family. I will update everyone on her first day Thursday.


5 thoughts on “Preparing to Start Preschool

      • Oh lol okay, there cute! I thought I was missing something so I started researching it and asking my bf(he’s a punjabi Sikh) about it..but he didn’t know and wanted me to tell you your daughter is an adorable kid(the picture I showed him to ask about the bracelets was in the Langer hall) and she is….anyways thanks for the info!

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