My Grandma Ivy 2/2/21-9/29/14

Today my Grandmother passed away at 93 years old. She struggled with cancer for the last year and today her suffering ended and she is now at peace. My Grandmother is one of my heroes in my life. I will miss her greatly, but I know that she is in heaven with my Grandfather and is at peace. I love you Grandma! You are so loved and missed.

Ivy May Glavinich: 2/2/21-9/29/14

My Grandmother with her mother

Grandma Ivy with her bother Malvin

My Grandma second from the left at the grand canyon

After her graduation from beauty school! So Beautiful!

Her beautiful wedding!

The start of their 60+ years of marriage, a role model for my own life

Second honeymoon after my mothers marriage

Grandma with her beloved dog Coco

Such love! At my mothers wedding!

At my Brothers wedding, on their 60th wedding anniversary

We threw my Grandma a 90th birthday party

Loving Grandmother

Nothing compares to the love of a grandmother, my daughter adores her Great Grandma

I have not told my daughter yet about her Grandmother , I am not sure she will understand but I hope she always remembers her loving great grandma Ivy!


11 thoughts on “My Grandma Ivy 2/2/21-9/29/14

  1. Sorry for your loss. She looks beautiful and lovely. Those beautiful memories are what we have to cherish.
    Even though the old leave us, i feel that they stay with us in some invisible form, blessing us and showering us with their love all the time.

  2. So sorry for your loss. Beautiful photos and beautiful memories. Love the one of your grandma holding Nasreen….
    Prayers are with you and your family….hugs..

  3. What a beautiful story. Hold on to the memories and remember that she still lives through you and your daughter. Hugs,

    Millie B

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