Our Diwali


Diwali was on a weekday this year so our Diwali was pretty laid back. I had work until three. I rushed home put on my pretty indian clothes and got my daughter ready in her pretty punjabi suit. We bought our candles , Nasreen picked out orange. We met my husband at the Gurdwara, he just came from work.


We paid our respect to the Guru Granth Sahib. Everything was so decorated and pretty. We than had yummy pakoras and sweets and tea at the langar hall.  We went out and lit our candles, we were the first to do so outside.


Nasreen loved lighting the candles. She got so excited and explained out loud to everyone that those were HER candles.


  We went home and Nasreen and I made fresh Gulab Jamuns. It was a quiet evening but very sweet.



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