A Nice Surprise: A Nomination

2014 blog award

So today I was online on my phone and one of my fellow blogger friend congratulated me on being nominated for “Best New Blog”. I had no idea what she was talking about. We have just moved and do not have internet hooked up yet, I am writing this post from the public library. So I sacrificed my dwindling mobile data allotment and followed the link. There to my surprise on the wonderful blog Nepaliaustralian, I find there is an award going on for different categories of blogs. There was my little blog under the category of “Best New Blog”. It made me so happy that someone nominated me! I was a little shocked. There are so many wonderful blogs up for awards, I never thought I would be one of them. So I thank everyone that nominated me, it really had made my day. 

The final vote will finish in January, so if you like my page take a moment and vote for me. VOTE HERE

I hope to be writing more these coming days. My busy schedule has slowed down a bit and like I said above we have moved, but not too far.

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