We Moved!

We moved! Since moving from Michigan to California back in August we have been living with my mom, step-dad, and grandma. The space was a bit tight for us all and the hardest part was sharing one bathroom. At the time we were trying to figure out our plans before laying down roots in the form of a lease, which is costly to break. I took a temporary seasonal job with a school photography company. That job ended last week and my husband also changed jobs, so we have now moved from California’s Wine County to California’s State Capital.  Its only about 2 hours away so not a huge move!

GC chekcing the whole thing top to bottom

The difference in rent is amazing! We looked and looked in Sonoma County for a decent place to rent and there was a huge shortage of rentals. We went entire days going from one apartment to the next without finding a single vacant apartment anywhere. When we did find something vacant it was often in an area that was not safe or way overpriced. Rental prices have sky rocketed in Sonoma County. The apartment we lived in before moving to Michigan was $1050. We looked at it when we came back a year later, it was $1450. We were only gone 1 year and the rent had gone up $400! That’s like an entire car payment on a nice car! I can tell you that wages have not gone up at all in that time. To rent a two bedroom apartment in a decent area we were going to have to pay around $1700 a month.

Dining room and kitchen

Well when we discovered we were moving to Rancho Cordova we were very happy with the abundance of safe, clean, and affordable apartments. The first one we saw is the one we ended up renting. It is an awesome two bedroom two bath with a fireplace and washer and dryer in the unit. Nasreen’s room is huge and has a gigantic walk in closet. The community is incredibly safe and requires a full criminal background check to live there; I have never had a background check for an apartment, just a credit check. It makes me happy to know there is no convicted criminal living as my neighbors. There is also 4 pool, 4 hot tubs, 3 tennis courts, a dog run, a 24 hour gym and a playground. So for this beautiful apartment we are only paying $958.00. That is about $700 cheaper then what we would be paying in Sonoma County!

We moved on Halloween. We sold all out furniture before we left Michigan, so for now we have air mattresses and folding chairs and our TV is on top of a packing box. We brought Nasreen’s toy kitchen, castle, and princess table from Michigan. She was happy to see that all unpacked! We are all so happy!  Its nice to have space again and a bit of privacy. I went so long without cooking that it actually feels great to do my own shopping and cooking again.  My husband is loving all the Indian food again and Nasreen is also loving daily Roti.

Nasreen so happy to have her kitchen set up!

She says she loves her bouncy bed, cant wait to get her a regular bed soon

I have not found a new job yet but I am hopeful to find something promising soon. Right now I am just happy to be unpacking, shopping for house stuff, and spending time with my daughter. I am so thankful to my family for being there to help us buy some time before making a costly decision. 


8 thoughts on “We Moved!

  1. congrats on the move! enjoy setting up your home and shopping for extra details. your job will come as soon as u focus all your attention on it.
    im lovin your posts.
    im from San Francisco Bay Area Ca

  2. Wow! You’ve been busy! Nice place. Nasreen is so adorable with her kitchen. We slept on blow up mattresses for months when we were renovating, so I feel your pain. Have fun shopping and settling in! Susan

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