Beautiful Fall Days

I love fall!! It is my favorite season, for its beautiful colors, fresh produce, holidays, food, and the chance to wear scarves and boots. I love the feeling of fall, it warms my heart. I am especially enjoying this season since moving back to California from Michigan. Fall is already over in Michigan, they have had their first snow fall. I honestly do not miss the snow at all, not even for a moment. Today Nasreen and I went to the park and I could not help but take some photos! I am so thankful to live in such a beautiful place. 


4 thoughts on “Beautiful Fall Days

  1. I miss Fall over here in Mumbai, it was my favourite season when I was in Switzerland, I hated the snow and yucky cold that followed, but fall and its colors…oh yeah! In Mumbai I ridiculously wait for Winter, simply because I can wear long pants, long sleevs and yup wrap myself in a shawl comes the evening. Ahhhing these small things

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