The Tree!

Our tree!


Daddy helps her put the high ones up

It is a tradition in our home to go out to a Christmas tree farm and get a fresh cut tree on the weekend after Thanksgiving. My husband loves this tradition, and it may very well be his favorite part of being married to an American Girl. We both love Douglas Fir for its full shape and wonderful scent. Many people have switched to the convenience of an artificial plastic tree. In the long run it is cheaper, saves time, and no mess. I will never switch to an artificial tree. This is no judgment on anyone that has one. I just love a fresh tree. The smell is intoxicating to me.

At night or in the early morning I love coming out in to the living-room with the tree all lit up. I sit and drink coffee or chai and just adsorb the aroma and the beauty of the tree. I feel a sense of peace and happiness wash over me. I just love a Christmas tree! I am so happy that my daughter and husband do as well. I made cinnamon rolls and hot chai and pizza for dinner. We had alot of fun decorating the tree. facebook-1950


She loves Ornaments just as much as mommy and daddy

My husband is the perfectionist. Every light and ornament must be perfectly placed! he spends hours stepping back and checking the view. Nasreen loves the put the ornaments all in one little cluster at the bottom of the tree and is so proud of her accomplishment. Daddy quietly moves them to a better location when she has looked away.


Stole an Elf from the North Pole 🙂

Makes me laugh every time

Our sweet little nativity piece

This year we bought a few new pieces. Many of our ornaments broke in the move. I especially love this santa we got. He is on a spring and when you shake him a little he does a big fat santa hula type movment, it crack me up. I also got a little nativity scene. I really hope to find a larger one, as a child I loved looking at the nativity scene. The Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, animals, and wise men. They filled my mind with so much thought. It sure feels like Christmas in the Rallhan household 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Tree!

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  2. Oh I love the smell of the christmas tree, it just smells like christmas in the house. In switzerland we put the tree up on the 24th and down on the 6thJanuary.
    She surely looks like a little santa elf. Sending my love and christmas greetings your way

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