A Very Special Birthday Shared With a Friend

Nasreen in the ball pit

December 8th was my daughter Nasreen’s 4th Birthday. As is the custom in our family we stayed up at night to talk to our family in India via Skype. Since the time difference is 12+ hours, its morning in India when it is night here. Nasreen talked to her Pua ( aunt) and BG (grandmother) and opened the gifts they sent from India. She first opened a beautiful 3 dimensional card depicting a carnival, which she loved. She then opened some beautiful clothes, including a new Punjabi Suit. She was also allowed to opened up a gift from us, her special Frozen themed dress for her party on Saturday. She tried on the dress and walked regally around the house proclaiming her royal status. She is quite the actress. She was a very happy girl. The dress is a guarded secret until the party!

It was a Monday morning so daddy had to go to work. I woke Nasreen up at 9 am singing happy birthday! She woke up very happy and excited for the day! Nasreen loves to feel special. She is often heard saying, “I’m Nasreen and I’m special”. She really is.  I got her ready for the day, we had some breakfast, and then off we went to pick up Nasreen’s best friend Deya.

best friends

Deya and Nasreen are 9 months apart, Nasreen is the elder one. They have been close since birth. Deya’s dad has been friends with my husband since their time in India together. They both came from India to study in California and both settled here. I met him and his wife when GC and I started dating. We all became fast friends. I consider Deya’s Mom one of my closest friends. We were lucky to both have beautiful girls close in age and were there for each other pregnancies. The girls are very much like cousins.

I picked Deya up and off we went! The first thing we did was meet Santa at the Mall. It was a Monday morning so the mall was very quiet. The girls were excited but as they got close to santa Nasreen started to get scared. She hid behind me and said she did not want to go see Santa! We all walked over to a nearby bench and sat down and talked. I gave her a pep talk to get her excited again about sitting and talking with Santa. After a few minutes both girls were ready to see Santa! It was wonderful there was no line. Santa stood up from his seat and greeted the girls! He was a very tall man and a little imposing even to me.

Santa doing a magic trick

Santas face cracks me up

He told them that he was going to do a magic trick. Now it was Deyas turn to get scared. Nasreen walked over to see the magic trick but Deya stayed behind. I held her hand and we walked together. He did a trick were he made crayons disappear! Both girls looked amazed. He then made them reappear!

He was a really nice Santa. When it was time for the photo they were both very comfortable and happy! They smiled so sweetly. Afterwards Santa told them what kind of cookies he liked and told them to remember to be good for their mom. He thought the girls were sisters.  He talked to them for quite a while. The honest truth is this was not the most handsome Santa I had ever seen. He has the weirdest smile, his eyes were squinted and eye brows all funny! He may have looked weird but he was one of the nicest I had met!

filling their toys

After Santa, we went to Build a Bear! For those unfamiliar with this store, the children pick out stuffed soft toys (bears, cats, dogs ). They then get a heart to sew into the bear. They take the unstuffed toy to a special machine that stuffs the animal. The child get to step on petal to make the stuffing come out so that they are helping to fill their toy. The attendant then tells them to take the small heart and warm it up, make it beat, give it a kiss and the kids put it in the toy. The worker then sews up the animal. The kids then take their toys for a “bath”, then pick out clothes and accessories. They also make the birth certificate.

giving their toys a “bath”

admiring their new toys

The girls had a blast! Nasreen picked out a bear, and Deya a Dog. Nasreen named hers Rose Red, from a play she saw recently. Deya named hers Jojo which is a name she gives to most stuffed animals. The girls picked out matching minney mouse dresses for the toys. They both enjoyed the process of stuffing their animal and both girls were very sweet about placing the heart in just the right place! Build a Bear definitely lived up to my expectations.

fun at lunch

We then headed out to find some lunch. Nasreen wanted French fries and Chicken nuggets and Deya wanted a burrito. I wanted to be the nice mom today so we found a restaurant for Nasreens food. The meal came and we took it with us to get Deyas bean and cheese burrito at another restaurant. It was a little extra work but I was happy that both kids were happy! They both actually ate well which was nice!

dumping the balls!

loading the cannon

” ball angles”

After lunch we headed to place called Wacky Tacky. I had never been there but I had seen it online. It is an indoor play area. When we got there and paid both girls were overwhelmed by all the exciting things they saw! Its hard to explain the magic of the place. There is one section that is all about these foam balls. It looks a bit like an arena. In the center there are hundreds of these foam balls. The kids can scoop them up and take them to the higher levels to place in air cannons to shoot at each other. They can also be put in this suction tube that brings the ball to this container on the celing. You can see the whole process through clear tubes! the balls collect there until you push a button on the wall and the balls all fall down on you! The kids loved this part. There is also a large air cannon that shoot 10 or more balls at a time! The kids had such a blast!

Another part of this place housed a kid’s obstacle courses and a very fast large slide with bumps in it that gave the kids a thrill. The two girls had such a good time in the balls. At one point Deya and Nasreen decided to go to the slide. Nasreen had fun and went down fast. Deya who is younger got scared and would not go down. This is a large slide, like 20 feet up through a whole obstacle course that gets smaller and smaller. I made my way up to Deya having a bit of a panick attack in the confined area! I could hear her crying saying ” Auny Auny” ( her way of saying aunty). Finally I reached her and we went  down together. The rest of the time we stayed in the ball area!

After a couple of hours it was time to leave! the girls begged for more time, which I extended and extended but we had to go. On the way home both girls completely passed in their seats.

yummy cake

Daddy Nasreen and Deya!

Once home I whipped up the whip cream frosting and frosted the cake. Nasreen’s daddy came home and finally got to wish Nasreen a happy Birthday! We lit the candles and sang happy birthday and the girl both got to help cut the cake. Deya and Nasreen both loved doing the Indian tradition of feeding each other the cake! The cake turned out well. It was a strawberry cake with strawberry filling with whipped cream topping. We then got ready and left for Deyas house.

There we had a wonderful meal of Barbecued chicken prepared by the boys and Shahi Paneer made by my friend.Everything was so yummy. My friend made another small cake and we all sang happy birthday and the girls shared the honor of blowing out the candles.

Nasreens new map

Nasreen opened gifts from her aunty and uncle. As always she got wonderful gifts, a beautiful pink scooter, a cloth world map with felt velcro peices for animals and country names, and frozen jewelry and frozen art stuff.

Deya and Nasreen blowing out the candles!

We had a great time and went home that night feeling so happy! I had a wonderful time with the two kids. They have their moments of fighting but they really are great friends. I am so glad that we all have such wonderful friends. Now to prepare for the Frozen Party!

I love these two girls


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