Sneak Peak at the Cake

My daughter’s big Birthday party is coming on Saturday, and today I have finished making the cake. Two tiers of blue velvet cake decorated to match her frozen theme. It took me quite a bit of time. I could have bought one, but I love making my daughter’s birthday cakes. I have made every birthday cake since she was born. It makes me very proud to make cakes for my family. I thought I would share the process that I went through. The cake is not perfect. The fondant is not totally smooth and the white sprinkle beading is totally irregular, but I am happy with it. I think it looks fun and happy, and that is what I cared most about. Perfection is not my aim, happiness is 🙂


baked, and than frozen for firmness



crumb coating, layer of butter cream



covered in fondant



covering the larger cake tier in fondant



The little sprinkle beading was the hardest part





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