Dear Blog: Happy 100th Post

Dear Blog:

Yesterday I finished my 100th post! I did not even realize it until WordPress gave me the special notification that I had completed this milestone.  It had taken me so long to start this blog, years in fact. I had tried so many times to write about my experiences and feelings, but I failed each time. This milestone is especially important to me.

In the past I had started journals, diaries, and even a few books. I would start out excited, but in short time I would become frustrated with the task at hand. I would feel Insecure about my capabilities. I was frustrated with my inability to capture my true feelings and experiences into words that others would understand. These thoughts paralyzed me from continuing any further with writing. I would give up; not wanting to even look at the papers I had started! I would feel this horrible guilt. A deep longing inside to finish what I had started. That feeling mixed with complete and utter embarrassment at my inadequate words. I know this all sounds so bizarre and even a little neurotic on my part, but the desire to express myself is incredibly strong.  

Seven months ago I finally got the courage to start this blog. I was living in Michigan at the time and I was so incredibly lonely. I needed an outlet because I felt my sanity slipping away. I had spent the worse winter of my life in a state where I knew almost no one.  This blog gave me hope. This blog gave me a safe place to express my feelings. To feel heard! I needed to feel like an individual once again. When I started to write I felt hope and life return to my thoughts. When I started to write I did not stop, I did not look back. I no longer second guessed myself and I just wrote.

My blog is not perfect, the spelling is often wrong, my grammar is horrible, and God knows I need to open a thesaurus! In reality my blog represents who I am. I am imperfect but enthusiastic. I have a wide variety of interests and a very diverse background. My life is very much Masala! It is masala because we have created a multi-cultural family that marries eastern traditions with western ones. It is Masala because life is always interesting, a bit spicy and definitely all mixed up.

I want to thank all of my blogging friends that I have met on this journey so far. You have inspired me in a way I cannot even explain. I look forward daily to your lovely words, stories, observations, and recipes! I feel privileged to have this window into your beautiful lives.  I want to also thank all my wonderful readers. Your supportive comments fill my heart with so much happiness and motivation.

Dear blog you have given me a wonderful outlet, and for that I am grateful. Doubt has been replaced by inspiration, and loneliness with a sense of shared experience.  Dear Blog you have helped me overcome my own mental block and I know I will keep writing! Thank you for always being there! Happy 100th, may we write many more posts together. 

                                                                    Sincerely Yours

                                                                               – Tina


8 thoughts on “Dear Blog: Happy 100th Post

  1. I really enjoy your blog! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. I’m not Masala and have never been to India, but I have a European DH, have traveled a bit and lived in France during college, and have a keen interest in other cultures. I appreciate your enthusiasm and like your outlook on life. None of us are perfect, but we make the best of what we have. I wish I could write a novel – I really admire authors and wish I had the talent and courage to give it a try. Happy Blog Anniversary! Susan

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