Christmas at our House

Its been a busy couple of weeks, so I have not had the time to sit and write properly. Honestly I do have the time now but I am making it work.

Walnut crescent cookies

On Christmas eve we had our best friends and their three year old daughter over for dinner. They are Punjabi and I wanted to show them a traditional American Christmas dinner. Once in conversation a few weeks back they talked about the fact that they celebrate Christmas but it was always in the Punjabi fashion, with Punjabi food and such. I decided to make a full holiday dinner to give them that experience.

yule log

I made a full Turkey, a tofurky for my friend who is vegetarian, homemade croissants, mash potatoes and veg gravy, and stuffing with vegetarian sausage. I also made a traditional Bushe De Noel, also called a yule log . This is a cake that is rolled up in a spiral and filled with cream and decorated to resemble a log. For starters we a special hot coco make in the crock pot with sweetened condensed milk , it was delicious!

It was a wonderful evening! The food went well, a little crazy to cook in my small kitchen. In my humble opinion it all came out pretty good. We finished our meal and we all watched the Polar Express. A cartoon movies about a boy who travels to the north pole on Christmas eve. Its Nasreen’s favorite story. We had tea and the Yule log cake, which came out great! The kids exchanged their presents and we all had a wonderful evening.

“Santa came”!!!

My daughter went to bed Christmas eve so very excited about the prospect of Santa coming and filling her stocking! I love the magic of Santa, it is a tradition I cherish! I still remember the year I learned that Santa was not real and it changed my Christmas forever. It just was not the same. Now that my daughter participates actively in Christmas I love watching her experience that magic!

Nasreen with her new doll, Simran.

On the morning of Christmas Nasreen woke up and was so excited to see the stockings full! She ran to her daddy in bed, I was already awake. She begged him to come open gifts! He was hard to get up but finally after some begging he arose She got a special letter from Santa telling her he loved the cookies, and thought she was a good girl this year but needed to listen a little bit better. She thought this was awesome!

Her stocking was filled with finger paints, playdough, socks, and of course candy. Daddy also got candy from Santa and a little vibrating back massager, which he loves! Nasreen then opened up her gifts. I love the fact that she really appreciates everything that she gets. She stops and looks at it and is so loving to the new thing. This year for Christmas we were trying to avoid too many toys, her room is filled with stuff from years passed. She got a beautiful 18 inch doll. I was thinking of getting her an American doll, which is a famous doll brand in the United States. They are very exspensive so I decided to test this less exspensive doll on her to see if she even liked it. She named her doll Simran, a traditional Punjabi name. She loves the doll! She got a few outfits for the doll as well. She loves changing her clothes especially for bed time, the doll had a pajama set and sleeping bag!

daddy is a big kid!

She got a new pair of earnings, a necklace, and a jewelry box with a ballerina and that spins around to music. Nasreen loved this gift very much! She loves the dainty ballerina. We got her Minney Mouse decals for her bedroom. One of my favorite gifts to her is a star projector, a light that makes stars on the ceiling at night. She loves this toy and falls asleep to the soft glow of stars every night. She got a Minney Mouse adventure kit with a toy camera, flash light, and binoculars! She had been begging for binoculars for weeks! Daddy picked out her final gift a red remote control truck! She loved this toy, but had to battle daddy for a chance to use it! In all her Christmas presents were all perfect for her.

Loving her Uncle Brandon

After presents I set to making another yule log to bring to my moms. Sadly the cake completly failed. The oven is uneven so the cake batter thinned on one side. I felt pretty bad about not being able to bring something to my moms. As a result we were late starting off to my moms house for Christmas dinner. It takes two hours to drive from Sacramento to Cotati.

When we got to my mom’s there was more presents. Nasreen was over joyed at this. There was doc Mcstuffins toys, and a doll bed, and a kids laptop, some beautiful clothes, and anna frozen doll.

We had a wonderful dinner. My mom quite outdid herself this time. Just trying a bit of everything stuffed us beyond comfort. It soon became evident that there was no need for the yule log! There was enough desserts to last a week!

We had a wonderful time seeing my sister and her boyfriend, my bother, mom, grandma and step dad. It was just so great to get together with everyone.

That night we went home very merry indeed!

Now to get back on track with healthy eating again!

using her new Binoculars


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