My Masala Life: 2014

As the Year draws to an end I look back! Here is my 2014, month by month summery! The good and the bad.

12:01 am January 1st 2014 in the Gurdwara, welcoming the New Year!

January 2014: We were living in Michigan in the middle of the worse winter in more than 2 decades. The temperature rarely got above freezing. We spent most of our time in doors because the low wind chills made even being outside impossible. Nasreen and I spent alot of time playing pretend inside. Poor daddy had to drive the dangerous roads to work!

Oh it was cold in Michigan!

Febuary 2014:The Weather was still freezing cold, and we all wondered when winter would end! We went outside for a dramatic Valentines day photo in the snow.

Valentines Day 🙂

March 2014: Winter finally came to an end. There were a few last minute snow storms, but the ice and the snow finally started to melt. The grass emerged and we finally were able to leave our homes. I felt alive again! I also started my blog at this time. I had planned to write for a very long time but this new spring weather gave me hope and inspiration!

The sun returned!

April 2014: We celebrated my husbands milestone 30th birthday! I made him a special car themed cake and we spent the whole weekend celebrating!

Daddys special cake!

May 2014: In May we made the choice to move back to California and not renew are apartment lease in Michigan which ended in July. It was a beautiful month filled with warm days and hope for moving closer to our loved ones.We realized that nothing could replace family, friends, and desirable weather. We emerged from this winter safe, but we could not imagine another one!

outside our apartment

June, 2014: Summer was in full swing! This meant humid weather, afternoon rain down pours, and a chance for water fun. There was the beautiful sight of the fireflys and the sound of the Circada in the trees

Fair in Detroit

July 2014: July was the last month of our time in Michigan! We celibrated 4th of July and prepared ourselves for the big move ahead!

Setting off fireworks

August 2014: This was the month of huge changes. We left Michigan on August 1st and traveled to see friends in Toronto Canada. We spent my birthday at Niagara falls. We then went back down to Michigan,Indiana, Ilinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Utah, Nevada and then finally on the third day we made it to California! It was a beautiful moment knowing we were home again!

At Niagara falls

September 2014: My husband and I both found job in Sonoma county and we settled back into the mild climate of California, We enjoyed being near famiy and friends once again! Nasreen was most excited to be near her best friend. It had been very lonely in Michigan

Nasreen with her bestie!

October: We enjoyed the changing weather and fall traditions around us. My grandmother passed away and we made the trip to Los Angles to say goodbye. It was a very hard time for me but I was happy that I was able to eulogize her and say goodbye. Nasreen started Preschool, and we celebrated Halloween.


November: We moved 2 hours east to Sacramento for a new job! We signed a lease on a new apartment. We had a beautiful thanksgiving with family. I will never take for granted being near family again for the holidays.

Loving fall colors

December 2014: December is always a busy month for the Rallhans. Nasreen’s 4th birthday was a big frozen themed party. It was really wonderful!  Christmas was beautiful. Santa came and we all had a wonderful time with family. We are enjoying the mild winter. It gets cold but never snows!

Frozen party!

Christmas morning

In all life is beautiful. I am excited for 2015 and the changes that it might bring with it! 2014 was a difficult year for our family, there is no denying that fact! 2014 was also a beautiful year for us where we grew closer to each other and learned the value of family and friends. You can never truly understand spring until you have faced the cold long winter! This was a year of learning!

Happy New Year Everyone!!


6 thoughts on “My Masala Life: 2014

  1. Happy new year to you and your gorgeous family. Thank you for sharing your life with us this year and I am looking forward to reading how things pan out for you all in 2015. Stay blessed xxx

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