My 2015 New Year’s Resolutions

Like thousands of people around the world, I am sitting down and writing a list of resolutions/promises/goals for 2015. I know that in most cases people do not follow through with these goals. It is said that New Year’s Resolutions are often a waste of time. I personally like the idea of having something I am working towards for an entire calender year. I am writing these resolutions here on my blog so that it is public and therefore I am more apt to follow through. This year I have made very specific goals that I can actually achieve. In the past I have left them vague, such as loose weight, without a specific goal in mind or a means of doing it. This year these goals are specific and some may lead to other goals being accomplished.

1. Log every single thing I eat on ” my fitness pal” website for a whole year never missing a day. I need to loose weight desperately! I am tired of trying to find clothes in my size, being judged for my weight, and really not liking what I see in the mirror.The best way for me to loose weight is to control the food that I eat everyday. To stay within a healthy calorie limit, fulfill my needs for protein, fiber and vitamins. To control snacking, sugar consumption, and avoid overeating. My fitness pal is a wonderful application on my phone that lets me log all my food, exercise and weight changes. I can connect with other trying to loose weight as well. I find when I log my food I make smarter choices. In the past I have started this program but quit on a day I overate, being ashamed to log it. My goal is to log even on those days! To stay aware of what I am consuming. So my goal this year is to LOG, which I hope leads to losing weight.

Our first hike of the year, promoting active lifestyle

2. Walk 15 miles a week. I love to walk and I find that I do better when I walk instead of going to a gym. Gyms are boring and confining to me, I dread it. The weather in Sacramento is generally nice in the winter, so I will use that time to walk. I love the sights and the sounds of walking outside. There is a path my husband, daughter, and I walk that is 5 miles round trip. My daughter can ride her bike which is fun for her and gives us some bonding time. If I do this just three times a week I have completed this goal. I plan on doing more then this, but this is my minimum. I need something realistic. We also plan as a family to be more active, play sports, and hike.

 3. Find a job. Since moving to Sacramento I have been unemployed and I very much need to find a new job. I hope to complete this goal sooner rather then later. The problem is finding something that can pay for child care and come out with an income as well.

 4. Drink a gallon of water everyday: I am terrible at drinking water. I know that my body is often dehydrated. I pledge to fill a gallon jug every day and finish all the water in it. I hope that this leads to better health, hydration, and weight loss.

New years Eve was spent watching movies and putting puzzles together. It was wonderful!

 5. Spend dedicated time with my daughter and husband. I feel like my attention is often split between chores, internet, phone calls, cooking, and other activities. I multitask during time with them, and I want to give my dedicated time. I want to be completely present.  I know this will be hard for me, because I am a multitask-er, but these people deserve my time and attention.

6. Do well in school. I am going back to school. I have a Bachelor’s degree in political science but I have had a hard time making a real living with this degree. I had the choice of either furthering my current degree with a masters or Phd, or changing completely. I have decided to pursue my dream of being a nurse. So back to school I go! I have to complete some prerequisites before I apply for a Bachelors in Nursing program at the local State college. This process will take about three years, but I am excited for the journey. I am taking Organic Chemistry and Nutrition this semester and I am excited but nervous. Its been 5 years since I graduated from college, and that was with a liberal arts degree not hard sciences that are required for nursing. My goal is to do as well as I can because admission to the nursing program requires very good grades in the pre-requisite classes.

7. Take time to read. I love to read but internet, facebook, and Netflix has reduced my reading time! I am taking the time to sit and read and be inspired by other writers and their journey’s!

8. To keep writing. Blogging has really changed my life and has given me a unique creative outlet. This year I plan on pushing the limits of my writing and write about topics that I have avoided. To be even more candid and forthcoming! To truly write about what matters to me! My goal is to really WRITE!

9. Be inspired and stay positive. This is my most important resolution because it supports all the others! I am dedicated towards being positive about my journey, over coming set backs, and persevering! I think its easy to get down and become pesmisitc. I want to be hopeful and happy. To see the good through the bad. I want optimism in my life. It will take work, but I am avoiding negativity this 2015.

I wish everyone a happy prosperous 2015! 

What are some of your goals for the New Year? 

How do you keep motivated? 


9 thoughts on “My 2015 New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Great goals/resolutions, Tina. I didn’t make any this year on paper, but I know what I need to do. Losing weight and also helping my husband get healthier are at the top for me. I like that you’re going to study nursing. That’s a great field and there is so much you can do with it as far as specializing down the road. I’m a teacher and not crazy about how the field has changed over the years, but it has been our main support over the years with decent benefits. I can also relate to not being in the moment and the constant multi-tasking. Sometimes I think multi-tasking really doesn’t save that much time because I screw things up, forget what I was doing, etc.! Maybe it’s just me, though. 😄 Happy New Year! Susan

    • Teaching is such a beautiful profession. I have considered it as well, like being a social studies teacher. but the changes that have been made are so hard to deal with. God bless you for continuing on! I agree multi tasking makes for messy work, it better to just foucs on one thing.

  2. I am so proud of you for starting the journey to become a nurse! It is one of the most amazing professions and I know I could NEVER EVER be one! So, so much respect ❤

    I super hate it when people give me unsolicited advice re: weight loss and a 'healthy' lifestyle (and many times the advice they give me is absolutely 100% unhealthy) so I will not, but I will tell you about something that has been a HUGE motivating factor for me. I downloaded an app called Motivate that tracks my steps (as long as my phone is with me; it also syncs to Fitbit if you have one) and, well, you kind of bet on your own progress. You pay $5 dollars a week (they actually give you the first $5) and choose a goal to meet. If you meet your goal, you don't lose your money – and if you're in a public challenge, then you win money from the pool of those who didn't meet theirs! I've turned that original $5 into over $20 since I started public challenges in November and have never lost a challenge. It really works and has kept me active even through my foot problems (you can skip a week and choose challenges as low as 15,000 steps a week if that is actually a challenge for you, which it was for me at the beginning of my recovery!) The link is here: (and no, I'm not getting paid or anything to promote it – I just really like it that much.)

  3. Great goals!
    Regarding logging what you eat, and weight loss, one of the best thing you can start doing is, kick all processed food out of your house now. Only have natural things like fruits, nuts, and whole grain. That way the next time you really feel like snacking, your options are already limited to healthy stuff. Kicking the habit of snacking randomly is hard, just munching on less fatty processed sugary stuff will probably help tons already. Since you love baking, you are better off making your own favourite cookies too, you can limit the sugar and you will know everything that goes in it. from experience I know that I am more satisfied eating one or two home made cookies than I can be satisfied eating store bought crap…let’s say Oreos just to name one 🙂

    • Yeah we have been processed food free for a while now, when ever we have it, its for that occasion only. Like we may get a bag of chips for a weekend treat or something but not just in the house. I think homemade is always better. My issue is with snacking while making the meal! I loose control of portioning! Logging helps me really think about every bite

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