My Daughter’s Room


My daughter’s room is the happiest place in the house

It is filled with light and colors

The toys beg to be played with

The walls tell a story of fun and learning

There are books filled with adventure

An easel telling the story of her mind

Her bed is a sanctuary of comfort and warmth

At night her room becomes a starry sky

This is HER place

A place to dream, to learn, to play

A place to feel safe

A place to grow


My daughter’s room is my favorite place in the whole world

When I am invited into her space I feel her joy

It is an intoxicating feeling of potential and optimism

A feeling of love and creativity

I feel at peace in her room

It is here that I truly feel God

Not in a church, temple, or sanctuary

But in the bedroom of my daughter

I am surrounded by the warmth of the Lord’s embrace

It is my daughter’s pure soul the beckons the Lord here

I soak in the light and the love

I know that my daughter feels this as well

She emerges from her room

Facing the world

Ready to share her love

Her Light

Her mind



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