Cupid Sighting!

This Is A Warning!

Cupid has been spotted! With her bow and arrows she strikes couples in love. Her darts dipped in kisses and dreams for the future send a normal person into a state of love sickness.

You Have Been Warned!

Valentines Day is right around the corner, she will be lurking around every corner ready to strike! Guard your hearts! She is armed and dangerous! DO NOT APPROACH!

I captured these images of this cupid stalking her next victims poised and ready to strike!!!!


logo-2602She May Appear Cute and Cuddly, but Make No Mistake She is Dangerous! 


logo-2649If Attacked By Cupid The Only Cure Is Chocolate!!! 



6 thoughts on “Cupid Sighting!

  1. Of all the pictures, the first picture stands out. it is super cute. I thought you were planning to send that pic for some cupid photography competitions.. 🙂 She is adorable in every picture 🙂 🙂

    • I know when I was editing these photos I fell in love with the first on. I found this tinny ivy patch in our apartment complex and I thought this is perfect. Somtimes photos just cone together like that. She really enjoyed modeling this one because she loved the homemade bow I made her

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