Nasreen’s Shot at Modeling

The other day I was online and I saw a contest for a modeling opportunity with a very popular Princess Entertainment Company, called Amazing Fairytale Parties.  This is the same company that we hired the Elsa for Nasreen’s Birthday back in December.

The contest required I submit a photo of my child. Most people chose a Princess themed photo of their child, but I wanted her to stand out. I chose a serious faced photo. There were hundreds that entered so I didn’t think to much about the chance of winning. There were some really Beautiful Kids. The next day I was on my Facebook and I saw Nasreen’s photo on their page. She had been chosen to model and represent their company in a photo shoot! I told Nasreen and she was so excited. I know the shoot is really going to be alot of fun!!


The photo we submitted to the contest!

We are going to be scheduled in the next couple of weeks and I cant wait to see how they will dress her up! If she enjoys it, then I may pursue other opportunities for her.


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