The Juggling Act of a Student/Mother/Wife

The constant balance of a student mom

This week has been very busy. Two exams in two Days! Tuesday was my Chemistry exam and Wednesday my Nutrition exam. My classes have covered alot of topics and information in the last couple of months. Both classes are very different from each other and are both rigorous.

It is always a challenge to study for an exam. The challenge is increased when two different subject have exams so close together. This situation is made more difficult with the fact that I am my daughter’s only source of comfort, love, and attention at home when my husband is at work. Last week I did  nothing but study and prepare for these two exams. No TV, no blog writing, no photography, nothing! It has been hard!

My daughter does not fully understand my need to study for these exams. She does not fully understand the attention that is needed to memorize ionic compounds and make sense of all the enzymes at work in the small intestine. She knows that her mommy wants to become a nurse, and loves to ask mommy lots of questions right when she is studying. She loves to insist that I come to her room and see something very important, which turned out to be a picture she had made on her easel. Which was adorable! She loves to ask for random bits of snack, drinks, and help with toys she cant reach. This happens all day long. The first couple of days were fine, then as the test dates got closer and I focused more, and her need for attention increased. She started exhibiting bad behavior. Refusing to eat her food, throwing her toys, refusing to brush her teeth, demanding candy.  In general she had a negative attitude. Oh it got bad! I had to stop myself from getting overly mad. I told myself she did not understand that I needed quiet.

Pushing her dolly in the swing while mommy studies

Finally when I had enough, I packed up a blanket, got a hot dog from costco’s deli ( her favorite) and headed to the park. She played and I sat and studied. I got up to push her on the swing and then encouraged her to push her dolly on the swing. It was a productive afternoon, I got some work done and Nasreen was happy. I wish I could do this more often but so much of my school work is online and that makes it hard.  We came home from the park and she passed out which provided me the perfect study time. Then it was time to make dinner for the husband. It was really hard not to spend time with my family especially when he came home. I could hear them outside my bedroom, where I had locked myself in.

Nasreen doing her “homework” with mommy

This is my second time in college. The first time I was single, 19 and without any responsibilities, but to myself. I had to work to pay for school but I always found time to cram for tests and organize research and study groups. My mind is so divided these days. I cannot be selfish and focus only on myself, because I have a child and husband that rely on my now. I am motivated and I hope that this is enough to get me to my goals.

Well the tests are over!!!

Chemistry was hard and honestly I have no idea how I did on the exam, even the smallest calculation error can mess up a test score. Nutrition is where I shine. I love that class! I love that I can relate to what I am learning, and apply the information to better feed my family and myself. I really feel it is one of the most beneficial classes I have ever taken, and I encourage everyone to take a class like this. It is really changing how I eat, see, and prepare the food that provides our bodies with all of its amazing functions.

I am happy to report I received my Nutrition score for the big test, 106% 53/50 (there were 3 extra credit points). Sadly no word on the chemistry score yet, but I don’t expect it to be as spectacular as this one, Chemistry and I are not friends. I am just so happy this week is over, a true TGIF! Headed to spend a fun day with my daughter, because she deserves it! Happy Friday everyone!


7 thoughts on “The Juggling Act of a Student/Mother/Wife

  1. I have missed your posts. Congrats for doing so well in your exam. It’s really amazing how you manage your family as well as school. Now the tests are over I hope I can see more if your posts until the next exam. 🙂

  2. Tina! lovely to read this, hats off! Studding while parenting is surely not easy… and we are missing you here 🙂 x M

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