My Little Ballerina: Nasreen’s First Ballet Lesson

This is her, “let me go meet the other kids face”! lol Annoyed at mommy taking pictures

My four year old daughter from the moment she could walk has stood on her tip toes. It is something that most people have noticed when they see her, because it is so peculiar. She runs and jumps all from the balls of her little feet. When we started considering sports and activity classes for her to take, ballet was at the top of our list. She loves to dance and has been drawn to ballet since she was very young, and her natural ability to walk on her tip toes was an added bonus.

It took some time to find the right program and timing that worked for our schedule, but I finally found the perfect class! She started last Saturday. On Friday night we went to the store and got her a leotard and tights and what I thought were ballet slippers. When we got home she was so excited to put them on. She looked so cute! Sadly the slippers that were in the section with the rest of the legitimate ballet stuff and were labels ballet slippers, were not authentic! They were more for play around the house then for dance. Luckily they had plenty of pairs for the kids to practice with at the studio.

Doing her stretches

In the morning I woke Nasreen up which did not take much effort at all, when I reminded her that today was her first ballet lesson! I did her hair in a little bun and she was so excited to look like a ballerina! The teacher is very warm, fun, energetic, and classically trained. The girls in the class, all four years old were, were all so sweet and inviting toward my daughter. When the teacher put on a pair of ballet slippers on Nasreen she told her to try them out by standing on the balls of her feet. Nasreen stood all the way on her toes and the ballet teacher was amazed, and told Nasreen that she had very strong toes! Nasreen blushed!

Sitting up nice and tall

The teacher led them in stretches and other exercises while teaching them the positions and forms. There was a focus on posture and maintaining a strong body. The teacher would go around and slid her finger down the kids spine reminding them to sit up straight and tall. The kids would laugh and sit up taller. I noticed that as Nasreen sat with the other girls that she looked like a ballerina. Her back was already so straight that she did not need to be reminded. Nasreen had so much fun and was not shy at all. When the class was over, Nasreen looked at me with the saddest face, and told me she did not want to leave yet. I reminded her that she will be coming back next week and this made her feel a bit better.

Since the class Nasreen puts on her ballet slippers all day and practices leaping and twirling around the house. I downloaded an illustration of the first 5 positions in ballet and she has been practicing them. It makes me so happy to see her enjoy herself and to use her natural energy and athletic nature for something so beautiful!

After the class I put a jumper over her leotard and tights and she asked me to take a photo of her, she was feeling so happy from her class!


5 thoughts on “My Little Ballerina: Nasreen’s First Ballet Lesson

  1. Awww. She is adorable. The third pic!! She looks like a pro. Too cute. I like how they are strict about posture. It will make them sit the right way and carry themselves so much better later. The best part is that its a physical activity so anything that involves kids using their bodies is obviously way better than sitting at home with the PlayStation and iPads. 🙂

  2. Awwwwww she is so beautiful! I can see the excitement in her eyes and she is doing so good! I started to enroll my daughter in dance classes when she was 2.5 and it really focused her. Of course I had to do something with movement because she is constantly moving around! So dance really helps filter that, while still utilizing the movement.

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