Making The Bird Nest Birthday Cake, and Reflections on Life’s Journey


Monday was my husband’s birthday. It was the day after Easter so he had to work. As soon as he was out the door, I started baking the cake. My daughter had preschool at 9:30 and I had a whole list of things to do ! I only had a couple of hours to bake and decorate his birthday cake.


Pinterest example

I had decided to make a bird nest cake that I found on Pinterest. I was scrolling through cakes ideas months ago, and my husband pointed at the bird nest cake and gushed how much he liked it!

I just want to say I am NOT a cake decorator. I have never taken a class or been taught. I like to be creative and I look at pinterest and youtube for inspiration. Please dont judge me too harshly, lol!


horrible process of carving the cake!

Step 1: I baked two Devil’s food cakes layers. The pinterest example used a double recipe(4 layers), but there was no way I was making that much cake for our small family(2 1/2 people), so I had to adapt. Once I baked and cooled the cakes I frosted the center and stacked them. I had to carve a whole in the middle. I thought this was going to be so simple! How can I mess up a hole! The cakes were too light and fluffy, and I should have used a pound cake recipe that was more dense and solid. It became a disaster very fast! I was very close to crying when I saw the misshapen cake I had created!!


gooey mess!

Step 2: The next step was to frost! I though I could save the cake with a nice even layer of frosting! As I tried to spread the frosting the cake started falling apart in chunks! This is when I actually started to cry! I was a gooey sticky mess and my dream cake was quickly turning into a Pinterest fail!


Fondant my miracle!

Step 3: I had not planned to use fondant, but I happened to have some left over from my daughter’s Birthday cake. Fondant is like edible sugar play dough. You roll it out and drape it over the the cake. Once I put on the Fondant the cake took on a much better shape. The roughness was smoothed out, and I started to feel a bit better.


Not too bad!

Step 4: I Frosted the cake over the layer of fondant. This process was alot easier and I was able to get the desired effect. The Pinterest example cake was covered in textured piping that gave the cake the look of being made of twings, I was running out of time so just textured mine with a butter knife to give it a softer look.

Step 5: Lastly I put on the birds I had gotten from the Dollar store and the Easter candy eggs! I was so happy to be done! I thought the cake looked good. Different from the example, but still cute!

In many ways this cake represents life’s journey.

This cake started as a disaster. I was ready to give up! I calmed myself down, took a breath, and just kept working it!

Thats life!

There are rough spots in life where nothing looks like it will work out but you can’t give up. Soon that mess will be shaped into something so much better. Nothing is as bad as it seems, it just needs more work. It may not go according to plan, but in the end it is something uniquely yours!

My husband had a beautiful birthday and loved his cake. A store bought cake would have been easier, but sometimes its more rewarding to take the harder route in life!



7 thoughts on “Making The Bird Nest Birthday Cake, and Reflections on Life’s Journey

  1. It turned out beautifully, Tina! Plus it was made with love, and that beats a store bought cake any day. I’m afraid to work with a rolling pin, but one of these days I’m going to make and roll out a pie crust. I’m glad your DH had a great birthday. Susan

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