Its Crunch Time

1798799_10205294798403617_7629066103069954276_nThis early morning I have stolen a few minutes from my studies to write a quick post.  I personally become very attached to the blogs and writers that I read, and I worry when there is a period of silence. I start wondering if everything is OK at home and speculating about the details they have left in past blogs. I know I am a dork, but I really do get affected by blogs. I see a blog as a window into someone’s life and a period of silence is like the drapes being closed.

I don’t want any of my readers to worry or be left wondering why I have not been posting in recent days. I love writing this blog and connecting with all of you wonderful people but my college classes end May 19th, so until then I will have my head buried in my studies.

Its Crunch Time!

I may sneak away for a post or two but nothing too time consuming. I hope you all are having a wonderful spring and I cant wait to be done with these classes and feel free again to catch up with everyone!  Thanks for understanding. 11025766_10205294798083609_6801602802542996323_n


9 thoughts on “Its Crunch Time

  1. All the best in your studies!

    I’m not blogging a lot because I’m singing live (two shows down, two to go) and writing a lot of music. I’ve completed one track and have 3/4 others in the pipeline. Creativity has just shifted 😀

  2. Good luck with your classes and exams, Tina! I’ve been checking for new posts, and I figured you were busy with school. Are you taking any summer classes? Best wishes, I hope everyone at home is well, and good luck! I know you’ll do great! Susan

  3. I just posted an update from our holidays but I have also been silent as just having too much work on! Good to see what’s happening with you Tina and good luck with studying xxx

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