One Year Blog Anniversary!

I’m Back! download

I think that it is only fitting that the day that I returned from my forced one month hiatus, because of my college courses, is also the day of my one year anniversary blogging. One year ago today I started this blog! I sat down and wrote! I pushed down the fear and I just let it all pour out! I I gave myself the permission to be honest, raw, and genuine. To not be afraid of what others thought about me or my writing. It flowed out! Memories, opinions, recipes, pictures and so much more! I told my story, sent it out into the world and it was not so scary! In fact I learned that people actually wanted to read what I had written. download

This year of blogging has been absolutely amazing for me. I have met so many other writers. Learned new things about other cultures and families. Have seen a window into other’s lives. In this year I have moved back to California from Michigan and started my path in school towards becoming a nurse. My daughter has grown and learned new skills. Our family is flourishing.

I thank all my wonderful readers for all of your encouraging comments. This month of not writing had been very hard for me! I found myself yearning to write. To express my feelings, observations, and desires. To not have the time to do this was very frustrating. Looking back to my pre-bloggin days I wonder how I survived.

How did I NOT write !

My blog is humble. I don’t advertise, I dont have all the niffty blogging tools. I just write!

In one year I have written 132 posts, that is roughly 2.5 posts a week

In one year I have had 64,457 visits to my blog 

This part makes me the happiest,

In one year of blogging I have had 1,099 comments, almost all of which were positive! thank-you-for-reading

I want to thank my readers! Your encouraging words and wonderful insights make writing such a joy!

School is now done for the semester, crossing my fingers I passed chemistry, because it was the hardest class I have ever taken ! I am overjoyed to have the time to write again, so expect lots of new posts, pictures, stories, and recipes! I cant wait to catch up on all of my favorite blogs and reader’s comments and emails.


16 thoughts on “One Year Blog Anniversary!

  1. Congratulations, Tina! I’m glad you’re back! I missed you and your blog. Thank you for writing such an honest, uplifting, and interesting blog. I hope you have a great summer!
    Take care, Susan

  2. Please keep posting! I love your blog 🙂 I’m an extremely white canadian and just married my punjabi husband this week.

  3. Congratulations Tina, I like your blog very much but plz keep writing and posting those stories, we miss you. 🙂

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