The FROZEN Party!!!

Nasreen was dressed like Anna in Frozen from the Coronation scene


The long awaited day had come, Nasreen’s Frozen themed birthday party!! We prepared for a month for this special day, collecting things slowly over time. We hosted the party where my mom lives, their community has a club house space that was perfect for the party. On Friday work we drove two hours to my moms, and once there we started immediately to unpack and decorate the space. We were up until 1 am getting everything just right. My husband and I had alot of fun creating this special area for the party.

I was so lucky that my boss from my job as a school photographer let me borrow a winter background, that they use for dance photos. It looked so amazing in setting and the pictures were just gorgeous! The whole place looked so beautiful. All of the planning and decorating turned out so well, and my husband and I were quite happy with the results. 

In the morning my mom and I both ran around town picking up last minute food and party items. When we came back it was time for the cooking!!! I had prepared much of the food ahead of time and froze the dishes. We had lasagna, filled pasta with pesto sauce, homemade macaroni and cheese, garlic bread, salad, chanas ( garbanzo beans) and rice. Everything was vegetarian, so that no one was left out of any of of the dishes. We had so many things to heat and only one oven so logistically it was a challenge.We were still cooking when the guests started to arrive. Luckily it only took us another fifteen minutes. The cooking was done at my moms, and was brought over to the party area. Finally we got all the food done and driven over to the party! From then on my mom and I were completely part of the party. It was important to me that no one was left behind, I wanted the food done and the rest of the party free to enjoy.

making tiaras

When the kids started to come, I started them on a craft project to make tiaras and crowns. They were made of foam and decorated with foam stickers. My niece Anya was a great help, she is ten so she assisted all the younger kids. The kids had alot of fun with and enjoyed putting their own style into the crowns.

Can she get any cuter

Once the food arrived everyone ate. The kids of course were too excited to sit and eat, so I took individual photos of the kids in front of the snow background.

My moms gift to Nasreen was she hired an actress from an awesome company to come and be Elsa from Frozen. From the moment she arrived the kids were so excited! She was completely in character and referred to me as the queen of this castle. She never once broke character, she was Elsa! The kids were all star struck. Nasreen became very shy. The truth is my daughter gets quite overwhelmed with too much attention, she needs the time to process and warm up to people. The actress was quite patient thought and was so sweet.

dance lessons

Reading her story!

The snow queen sat down and told the children a story and they all got to sing, ” Let it go” . The kids all loved this, and many of them got very into character! Then there was a dance lesson! It was great to see the kids all dance together. Nasreen warmed up to her pretty fast and told her all about how she loved Elsa and Anna. She told elsa about each of her friends! it was really cute.

face painting

Elsa then did face painting! The kids all got very excited about this and each waited to patiently for their turn. Nasreen had a red flower painted on her face.

One very happy Elsa fan

The Birthday girl with Elsa

Then it was time for pictures with the queen! The kids loved taking photos and came back many times to give Elsa hugs! Elsa siad a sweet good bye and off she went back to her castle.

The kids then played the games I had planned. I had gone to the store and got one prize for each kids. Things like puzzles and paint sets. I decided this instead of candy, God knows they had enough sugar. First the kids played frozen themed bowling! The kids all had alot of fun and they got quite competitive! I love watching all these kids get so excited about throwing the ball. It was harder then it looked. 

Pin the nose on Olaf

Next was pin the nose on the Olaf! My husband drew the Olaf that morning, and did a pretty good job.  The kids had fun trying to get closest to where the nose should be!


Musical chairs

Next was musical chairs to frozen themed music.Now this one might have been to much for 4 year olds! There was one kid that had their seat accidentally pulled out from under them, that ended in tears. Nasreen cried when she was out. Several kids kept going around the chair even after they were out! It was all too funny! Each child got one prize and they had alot of fun picking it out!

The cake!

Next was the cake. I had made the Frozen themed cake a day before the party and it came out nice despite my lack of tools. It even survived the two hour car trip.

cake in the face

blowing out the candles

Everyone sang happy birthday and Nasreen glowed! She blew out the candle and helped cut the cake. Daddy as is his tradition every year, put cake on Nasreen’ face and she was mad! but just for a minute lol.

Reading all the beautiful cards!

She then sat and opened up gifts! She received so many wonderful gifts! Her Cousin Anya helped her open and read all the cards. She received many thoughtful and beautiful gifts. The kids all loved delivering the gift to her at the front.

My favorite part of the party was being able to see everyone together in one place. Friends and family that had heard of each other, finally got to meet and have their kids play together. My brother and sister in law drove all the way from Los Angles ( 8 hours) with their 4 year old twins and 10 year old daughter. Then there was my co-worker/ friend with her two daughters. My mentor from my teenage years with her son. My cousin and her sons. My step sister and her daughter, our good friends and their daughter Deya, and aunts and uncles and grandparents. My mom who made it all possible and step dad. It was so wonderful to see everyone enjoying the food, and watching  the kids having fun! All the planning and all the work was worth it when I saw this much joy!


The cake post!

Thank God Nasreen did not cancel her party! Watch this post!